SOUNDPEATS H1 Launched with noise Cancellation – Battery life of up to 10 hours


The SoundPeats H1 is one of the wireless earpiece products that accessed a fine sound quality. Additionally, it has a smart design along with a hybrid dual-driver system. SoundPeats H1 offers the feature of noise cancellation. Eventually, the company has increased the net price of the headsets within a week up to $90 through Kickstarter.


SoundPeats H1 Noise cancellation

SoundPeats H1 earbuds possess a hybrid driver integrated system accompanied by the combination of a balanced armor driver, a customized dynamic driver, and a patented crossover. Where the crossover distributes its frequencies accurately and sends them separately, its dynamic driver provides a recreation of the details in the midsoles and the trench’s resonance depth. SoundPeats H1 proposes a significant noise cancellation mode.

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The sound quality of this wireless headset can easily get understand through the key features of the Earbuds that have listed below:

  • Designed so precisely to that molds into the ear canal to form a cover for optimum noise isolation.
  • Allow the user to make clear calls even in noisy surroundings with the help of the CVC 8.0 algorithm.
  • Boasts APTX Adaptive Audio Codec.
  • An auto-adjusting bitrate for improved sound quality.
  • Compatible with devices like aptX, aptX LLC, and aptX HD.
  • The low latency mode of earbuds synchronized the audio with the media perfectly.
  • Triple tap allows the user a lag-free gaming experience.

SOUNDPEATS H1 Wireless Bluetooth Connection

SoundPeats H1 earphones processed on the latest system Qualcomm chipset- qcc3040. Therefore, these earbuds consume minimum power and provide wireless Bluetooth connectivity for an immersive listening experience. An interesting feature is that this chipset requires only one of the two earbuds to maintain the Bluetooth connection, while the other one mimics it for a significant listening experience. Such a combination of the chipset allows the user to get optimized sound quality, along with free of glitches and dropouts.

SOUNDPEATS H1 Battery Life & other Controls

SoundPeats offers a tremendous battery life of 40 hours partnered with the case. Normally it has a battery life of up to 10 hours on a single charge. Additional to this, gentle taps on the earbuds help the user to control some other functions. When the user is occupied, an AI voice assistant reminds you by saying Hi, SOUNDPEATS if the user is occupied. This feature can also be used for accepting or rejecting calls.