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Jacob Trembley Appears with side-swept hair and an iconic purple hoodie, plays Young Justin Bieber in “Lonely”

Jacob Trembley

It is a well-known fact that Justin Bieber did not have a path full of roses in his career. He was not always the reformed and poised singer that he is today. Post his overnight fame, 16-year-old Bieber found himself amidst a lot of controversies and trolling. People’s dismissive behavior towards him after his first song has also been a topic of discussion in many of his interviews. With his new song, Lonely, Bieber is finally introducing his side of the story to the whole world. One can only imagine how tough it must’ve been for him to be so transparent through his art.

Jacob Trembley

Jacob Trembley music video

Justin Bieber shared the link to his new song on his Instagram account, which was released at midnight on 16th October 2020. In the video, Room star Jacob Trembley plays the younger version of the singer. The similarity and attention to detail are striking. Trembley appears on screen with side-swept hair and the iconic purple hoodie! The song is a message that it is lonely at the top.

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Towards the end of the video, viewers see Justin sitting in an empty theatre starring at his younger self. Being the center of attraction at such a young age takes its toll on mental health, and not everybody understands that. Sharing his journey through music was a very intimate task for Bieber.

Justin Bieber’s confession and mother’s support

As Bieber shared his music video on Twitter, he confessed how hard it was for him to listen to the song again, as it was difficult for him to get through some of the rough chapters of his early life. He concluded by expressing his belief that it is powerful to express one’s vulnerability, which makes the song powerful for him.

In support of him, Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette, took to the comment section and tweeted,

Thank you for sharing your beautiful, vulnerable heart with us, Justin. You are so loved and lovable! I’m sorry you have ever been sad or hurt for one second EVER! Reminder we ALL get #Lonely sometimes. I’m so proud of you my son. Keep going! I love you so much. #NoWhereButUp.