Nioh 2 – Darkness in the Capital DLC Trailer out now, new storyline and a new claw weapon type

Nioh 2

Team Ninja’s Nioh 2 is released today with Darkness in the Capital. This has a new storyline. It shows the player venturing back in time to Heian in Kyoto. However, this is working with a powerful demon slayer as well as an Onmyo mage to fight off the Yokai. This will give players new challenges in the game.

Nioh 2 new storyline and a new claw weapon type

This game has a new storyline for gamers. As well as the DLC introduces a new claw weapon type. This indicates up close and personal brawling. Along with the ability to tackle enemies into the orbit. Not only this new Yokai foe to fight. It includes a creepy enemy that impales the player and hits a doll to keep damaging them. Also, the players can expect a new difficulty level. They will also have new equipment rarity to go with all the new weapons. Not only weapons but the armor and accessories also. The players can have a new Guardian Spirits, Soul Cores, and Yokai Abilities to harness.

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Nioh 2 Clues and Hints

The protagonist of the game ventures to Kyoto City. Also discovers a shrine furnished with an old worn outbox. The Sohayamary once again shines brilliantly later the protagonist has whisked away to the middle of the Heian Period. This lets the protagonist land in an ancient version of capital. Later the protagonist joins forces with famous heroes. This in order to quell the unrest and destruction which was caused by Yokai Hordes.

Nioh 2 Features

  1. The new features will help the gamers to sharpen their skills. They can prepare for the fight of their life with revamped mechanics. It requires full concentration and skills.
  2. Players can now choose their method of Combat. They can follow the way of the samurai with traditional weapons.
  3. They can also improve weapons with the Yokai Shift. This is filling their Amrita gauge only allows the user to increase the stats of various weapons. Also, add extra buffs.
  4. They can also ask for help from others. Another player spirit will access you until the end of the current level until they are defeated.

This will surely love by the users. And the new storyline and weapons are amazing.


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