Samsung New Foldable Display design patent – Third possible foldable form factor from Samsung

The fact that Samsung is the king of the foldable smartphone market is not unknown. It is the only company to sell two different form factors of foldable phones on a global level. A recent leak revealed that Samsung Display, the sister company of Samsung Electronics, has filed a patent for a third possible form factor. It is a new, slightly out-of-the-box concept, which only Samsung could come up with.


What does the patent say?

According to the leak, the patent mentions an outward folding smartphone with dual folding points. Reportedly, it is similar to the folding phone prototype that Xiaomi showcased sometime in 2019. However, Samsung’s version is supposed to be much better as it has a kickstand and sturdy hinges for “Flex Mode.” This concept is similar to the one present in Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold2.

The famous patent-leaker, LetsGoDigital, did the honors of leaking this one as well. According to them, Samsung Display filed the patent back in September 2018 with the KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office). Nevertheless, the patent is finally out after more than two years since it was filed. LetsGoDigital leaked it on 6th October 2020.

The fate of this design

Kindly note that the patent was filed by Samsung Display and not Samsung Electronics. Hence, the patent does not mention any cameras, speakers, and even volume or power keys in the design. The graphic designer at LetsGoDigital, Giuseppe Spinelli, has thus produced 3D renders of some of the things missing in the patent.

Speaking of the fate of this design, there are full chances that it may never get adopted since Samsung Electronics wasn’t the one to file the patent. The idea of its existence in the market is still far-fetched. However, even if Samsung decides to go ahead with it, the company will definitely make some design tweaks. The changes are necessary and expected, as the patent is relatively new. 

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About Samsung’s foldable phones

Samsung began its line of foldable phones with the Galaxy Z Flip in early 2020. Making it the Galaxy Z series, the company further released the Galaxy Z Fold. Since the two are recent inclusions to the company’s wide product-range, they include the 5G career mode. 4G versions of the devices are also available for a lesser price.