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Google planning to convert YouTube into a direct-sales platform


The mobiles, toys, and various other gadgets now you could buy on YouTube. Google is planning to introduce a direct sales contract with YouTube. Every time you watch some movies you may see such kind of advertisement during the videos. These could now be bought from YouTube itself rather than from Amazon etc. YouTube is the world’s largest creators site. Now the company is asking the creators to use YouTube software to tag and track products featured in their clips. Later the data will be linked to analytics and shopping tools from parent Google. The main goal behind this is to convert YouTube’s bounty videos into a vast catalog of items. This will help viewers to pressure. They can click on and buy directly. YouTube is also thinking to work with integration with Shopify Inc. this will help the company to sell items directly from YouTube.


E-Commerce hub

If Google will achieve this new strategy then YouTube will become a new e-commerce hub. This will become a new e-commerce just like Amazon, Alibaba, and many more. However, for the time being, there is a check on such activities. The Company is testing these features with a limited number of video channels. Although, the more details are not revealed by the company. Thus this will create a huge impact on the users. They could now be available to grab the opportunity to buy the gadgets easily. YouTube is used by millions around the globe. So this will surely affect the other e-commerce hubs in the market.

Revenue from the YouTube sales

Though, the generation of revenue mode is not decided yet. The services have begun offering subscriptions for creators and take a cut of 30% from those payments. However, this might be a great decision to be taken during this pandemic. As people are ordering the products online in a huge margin. This is the reason Google is watching front the sidelines as rivals. This includes Facebook Inc. and it’s Instagram all. They have become hotbeds of online shopping. This will surely have a huge impact on the revenue of sales of YouTube if this idea becomes successful. Also, the same impact on the products when influencers use live stream videos for them. This will surely have a great impact on the economy as well.