Kevin Pietersen picks most deserving to be for next wicketkeeper Batsman For INDIA

Kevin Pietersen
Kevin Pietersen

Two months to go for India’s next match although debate has already started on who should become the next wicket-keeper batsman since MS Dhoni is retiring. Discussions have been going on about the performance and topping the list are KL Rahul, Rishabh Pant, and Sanju Samson. A lot of players have voiced their opinion but among them, Kevin Pieterson picks the next most deserving wicket-keeper batsman for India.

Kevin Pieterson’s preference vs Brian Lara’s preference

England Captain Kevin Pietersen stated his opinion about who should be the next wicket-keeper batsman between Rahul, Pant, and Samson. Previously West Indies Batsman Brian Lara voiced his preference for Rishabh Pant and called him ‘No.1 choice’ after MS Dhoni.

IPL 2020: File images of Rishabh Pant and Sanju Samson
Kevin Pieterson is definitely supporting Samson

Kevin Pietersen said in an interview that he is impressed with Sanju Samson because of the commitment he gave to 2020 IPL and he is entirely different from others. If you compare the score of both Pant and Samson then you will see there is no difference. Both of them score 176 runs and Pieterson thinks that Samson is leading the game. Pieterson says that Samson follows like sticking to diet, fitness, and dedication has got him ahead of Pant. Samson said that he could play international cricket and give his best. Moreover, he has proven himself in matches by scoring runs after runs. Although he had failed a few times this is the commitment needed to get into international cricket.

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Why Kevin Pieterson is not impressed with Rishabh Pant?

Kevin Pietersen stated that Pant is lacked regularity and fails more than he would like to see and there is no improvement in Pant’s batting. Kevin further says that he expects to see more from Pant but lets everyone down and he hasn’t seen consistent work from Pant. “In order to get that Indian tag, and to play international cricket, you need some consistencies. You need to get better. I am seeing the same player I saw a year before, and a year before, and a year before that. As long as he has been playing, he has been inconsistent,” he said.

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