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Celebs getting off Clothes – Beg for votes an another Strange Side of 2020

Celebs getting off Clothes

The United States is about to have elections for their new President. In the past few weeks, presidential and vice-presidential debates have taken place. Now celebrities are getting naked to beg for votes. This is considered to be another downfall in 2020. Kylie Jenner posted a photo in a bikini accompanied by the caption “but are you registered to vote?… Let’s make a plan to vote together.” This is an indication of new hustle. The celebrities and influencers are not selling pricey voting merch. They are preaching civic duty to us uneducated schlubs through nearly off clothes photos. However, this must not be considered correct. The way of asking for votes does not seems to be ethical.

Voting is not a joke

However, these celebrities being naked and asking for votes seems to unethical. As voting is not a joke. Tiffany Haddish, Sarah Silverman, and Chris Rock to her naked in the most cringeworthy celebrities mashup. These celebrities directly wrote whom to vote and whom you should not. Many tell you the only worthy person for the job is Joe Biden. Whereas some directly tell you whom to vote for. However, they might not have included the direct name of the candidate but their hints are enough to understand their meanings. There are those stars only who have previously asked you to donate some money to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. Some of the said that mailing in the ballot is a new God. And even dared you about their deity.

These foolish tricks seem to be really awful. Chris Pratt seems to be the only reasonable man in the industry. Who had asked to vote for his movie Onward, kids flick? It has been nominated for a People’s Choice Awards. Except for him, everyone has some of the different meanings for the votings. However, we cannot deny the Kardashian family wearing as hoodie written vote over it. We cannot deny the facts about the importance of voting. This might be the reason most people will see right through this Charade and not take the naked and wealthy Ruffalo seriously. Earlier the strategy prove to be successful without any failure. Although, voting is an integral part of lives so it must be considered an important issue to discuss.

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