Justin Bieber Spotted with S tatttoo – still not over Selena? A look at their relationship

Justin Bieber

Justine Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up in 2018 but it seems that the fans are not ready to get over their separation. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s followers are always searching for a link between the duo. The search was finally over. A viral Instagram picture shows a Justin Bieber image with S tattooed on his neck. The Instagram close up brightly shows the tattoo S in the center of his neck.

Justin Bieber

Followers Speculation

“THE ROSE HAS AN S IN IT!!!!!!! THERE’S A FREAKING S FOR SELENA!!!! I can’t stop screaming,” the follower page titled the image. Justin and Selena’s followers have started believing that S in Justin’s tattoo stands for Selena. One user could not control and wrote that Justin should better not date Selena. Another follower said that the tattoo is visible even without zooming in. Others commented that they cannot see S in the image and S could stand for September, the month Justin married his wife Haley.

Justin And Hailey Celebrated Their First Wedding Anniversary Recently

Justin Bieber was in a long-time relationship with Selena Gomez and broke off in March 2018. The 26-year-old singer got engaged to model Hailey Baldwin in mid-2018 and married her lady love a year ago. Recently, the couple celebrated their first marriage anniversary, and at the beginning of September, Justin Bieber, the 26-year-old singer, tattooed a long twigged rose.

A Look At The Justin Selena Love Story

Justin and Selena were in a secret love relationship until 2010 and accepted their relationship publicly in 2011 at the Billboard Music Awards. When Justin received the Billboard Music Awards, Justin and Selena kissed each other. They separated in 2012 but got back again in 2014. For a short period of time, Justin and Selena were in a relationship with different people but in 2017, they were together. Although, for a short period of time. They waved each other goodbye in March 2018. People Magazine stated that Justin poured his heart out for his ex-girlfriend Selena in the 2013 song “All That Matters”. In 2013, Justin said that their separation was difficult for both of them. He further stated that he admired and loved Selena.

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