Savage Mode 2 : 21 Savage and Metro Boomin Announce Release Date With Trailer

Savage Mode 2 : 21 Savage and Metro Boomin Announce Release Date With Trailer

Rappers, actors, musicians all have started working back. Previously, due to COVID-19, many projects were stopped. But now, they are beginning again. Celebrities are working back on their projects. Apparently, many new movies and album announcements are done. This is amazing. Eventually, people will get to hear new songs. Recently, Savage Mode 2 trailer is releasing. Let’s read further and find out, what’s in there.

Savage Mode 2 announcement

Reportedly, Savage Mode 2 trailer is releasing. Recently, 21 Savage and Metro Bommin are collaborating together. Apparently, one is a rapper and the latter one is a producer. Recently, they are releasing it’s part 2. This is their latest collaborative project together. Moreover, Morgan Freeman has given the voice in the video.

Reportedly, this video is directing by Gibson Hazard. However, Gibson has done great projects previously. Apparently, he was producing visuals for an impressive roaster. Reportedly, he was working for many famous artists. Drake, Diddy, Dr. Dree are on that list

21 Savage and Metro Boomin Announce Release Date for 'Savage Mode 2' With Trailer Narrated by Morgan Freeman

Trailer details

Basically, Savage mode is a sequel. Previously, Savage and Boomin’s 2016 EP “Savage Mode was released. Now, Savage Mode 2 is a sequel of this. Reportedly, Savage Mode part one has produced many songs. “ No heart”, “X” featuring Future, was part of Savage one. Adding to that, the title track” Savage Mode” was the part of 1 album. Now, this album is coming.

The video description

Moreover, Savage Mode 2 trailer started with a scarecrow. It has a snowy graveyard. Adding to that, the trailer also has Savage and Boomin in the studio. Suddenly, one of the songs started to play. And blood started pouring in the room. Basically, this is very mesmerizing to see. Apparently, the voice in the video is given by Morgan Freeman. He is an actor. But his voice in the video is very soothing.

Basically, a trailer is releasing. This album is arriving soon. Moreover, Savage Mode 1st part was a blockbuster. People have loved the songs in the 1st album. Now, with the announcement of this album, the hype is creating. Let’s wait for this album. And hope it will be more hit than the previous one.

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