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Rihanna on her skincare routine – Reacted on fan’s comment

Celebrities make a lot of effort into their beauty. Basically, they eat a fixed diet. They do skin treatments. Adding to that, beauty routines also. Moreover, it is necessary for them to behold their beauty. Eventually, they also promote beauty products. Basically, they work hard on their skin. Similarly, Rihanna is also promoting the importance of skin treatments.

Rihanna shared a picture on Instagram

Recently, Rihanna shared a selfie on Instagram. She is sharing a sexy lingerie-clad selfie. Basically, she posted a picture on Instagram to promote her new travel size Frenzy Skin Starter set.

Moreover, she captions the picture with “Just protecting my melanin while they try to eradicate it!

Apparently, this picture was posted on Sunday. She was raising awareness of the importance of applying Sunscreen. And this is a great thing to do. People will follow it surely.

Rihanna on her skincare routine - Reacted on fan’s comment

Fans reply on Rihanna’s post

Moreover, on the Rihanna picture, one fan asked a question. Basically, Rihanna applied Hydra Vizor Sunscreen. Reportedly, the cost of this sunscreen is $35. The fan writes, “it’s winter now”. As soon as the fa wrote, Rihanna replied. Apparently, Rihanna replies in a very Sassy manner.

You gon have wrinkles if you think spf is seasonal!.”- Rihanna replies to the fan on Instagram.

Importance of Sunscreen

Apparently, Rihanna explains to Yahoo entertainment. She is working hard to change the mindset of the people around sunscreen. Especially, to the people who think, it’s only necessary for white people. Moreover, Rihanna was brought up on an island. She was believing that Sunscreen is only for tourists. Moreover, that’s not true.

Moreover, people believe that black people don’t need it. But this is not the case. Everyone needs Sunscreen. It’s good for the skin. Eventually, it protects the skin from sunburn. Adding to that, Sunscreen also protects us from Ultra Violent Ray’s. They are very harmful to the skin. But, if we will apply Sunscreen it will protect us. And our skin will remain clear and fresh. It will be very good for us. People admire celebrities and follow them. So if celebrities will raise awareness. Eventually, people will get aware of. We can do a skincare routine at home also.

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