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WWE clash of championship : Family drama in the ring

WWE fights have been our favorites from childhood. We all love to watch WWE. Basically, many people are their favorite fighters also. People love WWE. This is quite amazing. Moreover, WWE is more famous for boys and men. They are crazy about it. A lot of hype is created about WWE. Even celebrities also love WWE. Recently, the clash of championship 2020 happened in WWE.

WWE clash of championship

Reportedly, WWE Clash of Championship 2020 was held. What makes it more interesting is that it was between the two cousin brothers. Yes, you read it right. Apparently, Roman Rein was fighting with his own blood Jey Uso. Eventually, This was an awestruck fight. Everyone was amazed by seen two brothers fighting with each other. However, the family issue set the stage on fire. Basically, Everyone was amused by it.

WWE clash of championship

Details about the WWE fight

Roman Rein and Jey Uso were fighting in the ring. Apparently, they were fighting to retain the Universal championship. Basically. Roman Rein was fighting brutally with his own cousin brother. Probably, it was very unusual to see that. Just after the first bell, with Reigns happy to engage in trash talk almost immediately.

Family drama in the ring

At first Jey Uso was in charge of the fight. Surprisingly, Jey was very close to scoring one of the greatest upsets in WWE. As he did two or more near falling and a roll-up. Adding to that, he also did his top rope splash. After this, what happens will leave you awestruck. All of a sudden, Rein caught up Jey with a blow. And what makes it more mysterious is that he gives a smile to Jey. Well, this is embracing that it was intentional action by Reigns. Along with his Verbal lashing was also going on.

Apparently, Roman Rein went out of control in the fight. He was fighting with his own brother like an animal. Sadly, he wasn’t sparing him. Reportedly, Jimmy was pleading to throw him in the towel. However, Rein didn’t listen. Sadly, Jey was unable to protest himself. Basically, Roman Rein won the fight. It was a breathtaking fight.