Libbie Mugrabi owes nearly $150,000, unpaid rent and bills

Libbie Mugrabi

Celebrities live a fancy lifestyle. Basically, big mansions, luxury cars, etc. are necessary for them. Moreover, they are bound to live that lifestyle also. It is always fascinating for normal people to see celebrities’ lifestyles. Well, sometimes celebrities are crossing the line to maintain that. That is so amusing. Recently, Libbie Mugrabi is in limelight. It’s because of financial issues.

Libbie Mugrabi unpaid rent

Reportedly, Libbie Mugrabi has not paid her rent. Well, if we tell you the amount, you will be in shock. It’s $150,000 due to rent. She has not paid this rent to her landlord. Moreover, her landlord is planning to kick her out. Basically, she lives in a $30,000-a-month luxury Yorkville condo in a spat. This is fascinating.

Reportedly, she lives in a Park mansion. It is situated East 82nd Street building. The owners of these mansions say that Mugrabi has been behind on her $28,800 monthly rent. Adding to that, utilities that are in Park Mansion are wracked up at least $148,450 in arrears since April. This information is given in the allege papers. They are filed in the Manhattan Civil Court.

Reasoned behind the due rent

Moreover, Libbie Mugrabi is not responsible for the due. This says her close source. However, it is her husband, David Mugrabi. Apparently, he is a billionaire art-scion. Currently, he and Libbie Mugrabi are settling a divorce. Basically, her husband has stopped paying the rent. Moreover, it’s still unclear whether David is responsible for paying rent or not.

Libbie Mugrabi and exLibbie divorce with her husband

Reportedly, they are still on the verge of divorce. David has filed a divorce in the year 2018. Apparently, they also have two children together. Surprisingly, they are having a very heated divorce. Previously, Libbie has told Page 6 that they have sorted their differences. Well, it’s still a mystery what is going on between the couple.

However, Libbie’s landlord has not received the rent till yet. And he is planning to kick her out. According to Libbie, it’s her husband’s responsibility to do that. But this matter is creating quite a buzz. Libbie is a celebrity, and she has not paid her rent till yet.

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