Katie Holmes and new Boyfriend Emilio Vitolo spotted at lunch

Katie Holmes new Boyfriend Emilio Vitolo

Celebrities dating life has always been the talk of the town. Eventually, their dating life comes out to the public and they are hunted by paparazzi. Emilio Vitolo’s dating life is in news. He is dating actress Katie Holmes and all eyes were on these two on a lunch date.

Emilio Vitolo and Katie Holmes

Apparently, Emilio Vitolo is spotted with Katie Holmes. Reportedly, they both were seen together side walking and dining. Apparently, Emilio was hoping and happy. This is good. A restaurant near Soho is a favorite spot of celebrities. Apparently, all the eyes were on Vitolo. Reportedly, he was flirting with the customers. He was talking to the people in the restaurants. Basically, he is sparking from the past weeks. Because of his dating rumor with a new girlfriend. Her name is Katie Holmes. Reportedly, on September 1 they were spotting together.

Katie HolmesVitolo ex-girlfriend Rachel

Surprisingly, Emilio Vitolo was in a long term relationship. Vitolo and Rachel Emmons were together for almost 2 years. Yes, you read it right. They both were in a long term relationship. Adding to that, they both also got engaged on February 21. They were so close, that they were looking for wedding Avenues. Sadly, Vitolo broke up with Rachel Emmons. He sends her breakup text. Surprisingly, it was on the same day, he met Katie.

Actors past history

Following this Rachel left the apartment. Sadly, she left the engagement ring behind. Moreover, she was the photo of Emilio with his new girlfriend. According to the source, they both were truly in love. And their love was pious. However, some people are blaming Kathie for it. But according to their close friends, that’s not true. Emilio and Rachel break up due to their personal reasons. Eventually, this cam true also and false. We don’t know.

However, right now Emilio Vitolo is dating Kathie Holmes. Apparently, they both are spotted together many times. They are caught making out in the city. Now, let’s see where this relationship will go