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Sunil Gavaskar on his comment, ”Where am I being sexist in this?”

Sunil Gavaskar on his comment, ''Where am I being sexist in this?''

Sunil Gavaskar received tons of backlash after he made a comment on Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. After his statement during the Royal Challengers Bangalore v/s Kings XI Punjab match, fans slammed him badly on social media. Some of them even demanded his sacking from the Star Sports commentary panel. However, Gavaskar claimed that his statement was misinterpreted and clarified its meaning.

IPL 2020: 'Where am I being sexist in this?' – Sunil Gavaskar clarifies his comments on Anushka

The controversy in detail

Virat Kohli’s performance in Thursday night’s IPL match was not up to the mark. While he was still on the crease, Sunil Gavaskar mentioned that Indian Captain is keen on improving and can only do so with practice. Further, he added that Kohli only faced Anushka Sharma’s bowling in the lockdown, and that didn’t seem to help. The fans didn’t take it well and lashed out. Sharma also reacted to the same and called it “distasteful”.

Gavaskar’s response to the backlash

In an attempt to clear the misunderstanding, Gavaskar mentioned in an interview that he made that comment in reference to a viral video of the couple. In the video, Kohli and Sharma were playing tennis. Further, he made it clear that he wasn’t blaming Sharma for anything. He simply stated that no one was able to get proper practice during the lockdown. All the players were a little rusty. He went on to explain his exact statement,

Anushka was bowling to him, so that’s what I said. I have not used any other word. She was bowling to him, that’s all, where am I blaming her, where I am being sexist in this.

He claimed that his statement was indeed misinterpreted. Later, his son, Rohan, also tweeted supporting him.

Anushka Sharma’s long target history

Sharma has often been a direct target when Kohli’s cricket is in question. She has been viciously trolled every time Kohli didn’t play well. In the past, too, she has reacted strongly to the same. She had admitted that she is tired of constantly being dragged into cricket controversies. Last October, she discarded the rumors, which stated that the selectors had to serve her tea during ICC World Cup 2019. She wrote,

I have stayed quiet through all the times I was blamed for the performance of my then-boyfriend, now-husband Virat and continue to take the blame for the most baseless things involving Indian cricket. Today, I have decided to speak up because someone’s silence cannot be taken as their weakness.

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