Sneakerheads, Netflix Brings Manic Scavenger Hunt Energy: Review


There are many fans of niche interests. However, the sneaker fanatics of Sneakerheads spend much of their time defending their discard love. However, the hunt for the perfect sneaker is not about the show itself. Thus it is the rarest edition. Also the sentimental favorites. This is all about the thrill of the case. However, whatever comes in between their goal is just an obstacle. This obstacle is towards their ultimate satisfaction in reaching the finish line. Though the Sneakerheads prove themselves. Both accidentally and on purpose for the treasure hunt. Though their main motive is just to find the treasure hunt. Although finding the treasure rarely means the end of the hunt. They always have a strong hope of something big. There was a temptation. Also the sense of something bigger and even better.

Sneakerheads: Dynamic over

However over six breezy episodes. Jay Longino’s new Netflix series plays out this dynamic over, and over again. Also, Devin is recovering Sneakerhead. He left his collecting days behind. This all happened when Christine came to his life. But his former partner in crime finds him falling right back into his old habits. However, the former crime partner is Bobby (Andrew Bachelor). Thus it is a self-contained story. This story is all about Devin trying to find a pair of old favorites in his size. But in the second episode, things are twisted. The second episode is all about Devin and his friends trying to track down a mythical pair of AirJordan zeroes. These things linked up Noori who is a sneaker tycoon. However, it is clueless wannabe Stuey. Though the spontaneous trip to Hong Kong. This has crashed the enormous compound of Mark Wahlberg. Later Bobby’s schemes go awry. But Devin seems done with the whole thing. However, there are various things which seem exhausted.

Exhausted premises

These exhausted premises gave various inspirations. Devin misses his old life. He even wishes for the new one. However, there are various frustrated and exhausted cycles. Things remain little same without a big change. Also, the Sneakerheads got ounces of character development. Christine remains a bland mystery. Meyers comes from the world of music videos. However, she brings a fluid, elastic quality to the show. However, the narrative was struck in natural.

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