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National Daughters day on 28th of September, What is this day?

National Daughters day

National Daughters day was yesterday. In fact, in various places, the dates vary. In addition to this World Daughters Day is celebrated on the 28th of September. These days are celebrated as a sweet gesture to appreciate the roles of daughters in families. In the second place, there is a National Sons and Daughters Day celebrated August 11.

National Daughters day: What is this day?

Daughters’ day is all about celebrating the presence of daughters in our lives. National Daughters Day is a day to celebrate the gift of daughters. Moreover, it is celebrated to cherish the moments a family shares with the daughters. These soft buds shall be enriched with proper care and affection. As they bring a cool breeze of happiness in a family.

National Daughters day

A pure relationship

Daughters share different relationships with dads and moms. Both relations are unique in their own ways. In fact, it is often said that girls are closer to their fathers as compared to mommies. Well, the bond between a father and daughter is so precious. Dads treat their daughters as princesses for the entire lifetime. In this entire big world, they want happiness in abundance for their little blessing.

The darker side

The main motive behind celebrating this day is to put an end to a negative notion. In fact in some countries, Daughters Day was to erase the stigma attached to having a girl instead of a boy child. In this growing age still in many parts of the world, a girl child is considered to be a curse. In the second place, the developed countries celebrate the joy and wonder of having a baby girl and raising a daughter.

Ways to celebrate

Firstly numerous ways can be opted to celebrate the presence of daughters in our lives. In fact, every parent should make their daughter feel like a princess or the little angel they are. Sharing words of wisdom and encouraging the little bundle of joy is one of the best ways possible. In addition to this, a daughter shall be allowed to fly and chase her dreams at a massive pace.

Trending hashtags

A perfect family decides to allow their daughter to follow her dreams. Also, they give her the freedom to desire. As a result of this, a family not only empowers their daughter but the entire women community. A lot of hashtags were trending these days. The hashtag for National Daughters Day is #NationalDaughtersDay. But another popular hashtag is #Daughters.

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