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Sunil Gavaskar comment on Anushka Sharma from the commentary panel

Sunil Gavaskar
Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar, Every time IPL is conducted some controversy is made. Starting from match-fixing to the player’s personal life, nothing is left. This is sad. Moreover, crickets fans are crazy about IPL. It is amazing. Eventually, IPL is creating a lot of buzzes. Virat Kohli is in the Royal Challenge Bangalore team. Sadly, the lost the previous match. Eventually, Gavaskar passed comment on Anushka Sharma. Basically, it is inappropriate totally.

Sunil Gavaskar comment on Virat Kohli

Reportedly, in yesterday match Sunil Gavaskar was the commentator. Kohli was in the pitch. And Gavaskar was doing commentary. However, he passed some rude comments on Kohli’s game. He was commenting on Virat’s game referring to her wife Anushka Sharma. Well, it’s not right.

Gavaskar says,

“Ab joh lockdown tha to sirf Anushka ki bowling ki practice ki unhone, wo video dekhi hai usse to kuch nahi hona “.

Previously a video went viral of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. Apparently, they were playing cricket during the lockdown. Reportedly, Anushka was batting. And Virat was bowling. Moreover, it was their personal space. Basically, this is creating controversy.

Anushka Sharma says on this

Apparently, Anushka Sharma dug at Gavaskar. And posted a long story on her Instagram handle-
Firstly,  She mentions this is undignified. Secondly, Things need to change with time. However, she further says that the player’s personal life needs to keep separate from the game. Moreover, this is absolutely correct.

Virat Kohli in IPL

Apparently, the Virat Kohli team’s lost the previous match. Yesterday, Royal challenge Bangalore clashes with King XI Punjab. Sadly, RCB lost terribly. Reportedly, Virat Kohli didn’t play well. Surprisingly, Anushka Sharma is being blamed for it. It’s totally disrespectful to blame someone’s wife. She is not even associated with cricket. She is an actor. It is wrong. However, as a result of Sunil Gavaskar’s commentary people are not happy. Apparently, Kohli’s fan making a demand. They’re requesting BCCI to remove Sunil Gavaskar from the commentary panel. Well, what he did yesterday was not justified. This is totally insignificant to comment on someone’s wife. What players do in their personal life, shouldn’t bring to the stadium. Hence, no one has the right to comment on someone’s personal life. Things need to change with time.

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