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Police Officer Accused by Women in Sexual Misconduct, Harassment

Police Officer Accused by Women in Sexual Misconduct

Police Officer, Chance Avery of Oklahoma City, is charged with sexual assault and harassment by several women. He has previously been accused of homicide subsequent to a shooting in July. One of the women spoke to  KFOR News and explained what she had suffered.

Woman Uncovered The Misdemeanors Of Police Officer

One of the three accusers feared what the village police officer might do to her once his misdemeanors become public for the very first time. She preferred to be nameless, told KFOR News 4 this week that, she was quite aware of the officer’s stand in the community and that terrified her. She further said that one day the officer in question came to her and wanted to know what she thinks of some pornography that he showed on his phone.

Apparently, this happened in 2013, in Custer County Sheriff’s Office, when Avery was a deputy. The woman asserts that Avery attacked her while she was at a business meeting. Avery got in touch with her regarding training a family horse.

“He then took my jeans and started to slide them down and I told him no and I went to walk away and I got almost to the front door and was unable to get outside before he continued to do what he was going to do,” she said.

She claims that he then allegedly sodomized her. She said that she reported it to the Custer County Sheriff’s Office and it was brushed off.

Another Woman Came Forward But Chose To Remain Anonymous

KFOR spoke with the department and Sheriff Kenneth Tidwell. He was the undersheriff at the time. Revealed he was unable to gather any report in the system or recount any allegation against the officer in question.

Another accuser came forward and shared with News 4. She said she wished she had any proof with her. Again she also preferred to remain anonymous fearing the consequences.

She alleges that in 2013, Avery sexually tormented her after he answered to her family, after a domestic disagreement and charged her ex-boyfriend. “He asked for my personal number and asked if he could call me from his phone and I was like ‘yeah, that’s fine’ because I didn’t really think a cop was going to abuse his power,” she said. “He ended up harassing me, basically he started asking me for nude photos.”

Avery Got Cleared From 2014 Case

In the end, Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater filed a first-degree sexual assault charge against Avery.

Avery’s attorney, Gary James sent a long statement sent to News 4. It said in a section that Chance Avery dismisses all of the proclamations made against him. This includes sexual assault or harassment. He further stated, “I do not believe this is responsible journalism. If these individuals will not provide their names, what consequences do they have for giving untruthful statements?”

In 2014 the Officer was previously involved in a lethal police-implicated firing. Which took the life of an 18-year-old Mah-Hi Vist. The District Attorney gave him a clean chit.

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