Lisa Rinna officially launching Rinna Beauty lipstick line

Lisa Rinna

In fact, stars trying their hands in business is not a new thing. Often many artists launch a clothing line or makeup brand owned by themselves. In the second place, Lisa Rinna is finally cashing in on her infamous lips. The actress is all set to launch a lipstick line of her own. Now fans can get their hands on numerous lip shades.

Prior knowledge- Lisa Rinna

Lisa Deanna Rinna is an American actress. Also, she is an author and television personality. As an actress, she is best known for her roles as Billie Reed and Taylor McBride. The 57-year-old actress is quite famous for being a part of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”.


The official launch of the lipstick line

Firstly Lisa teased an upcoming beauty line at November’s BravoCon. Finally, now fans can get their hands on a Rinna Beauty line of lipsticks and glosses. Moreover, this trendy stuff is going to add more beauty to an individual’s look. The star will be launching her stary brand on the 28th of September.

Lisa RinnaSome more details regarding the products

Rinna Beauty will launch with three $45 lip kits. These include a lipstick, a liner, and a gloss in different shades. To hype up the stuff, some cheeky names have also been given. The various names like Birthday Suit, Legends Only, and No Apologies will raise the temperature. All these details are just increasing the excitement of all makeup lovers.

Further plans

Every individual dream to grow and expand one’s business. The initiative might be small but the future plans are definitely extensive. Similarly, the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star also has plans for expansion. In the near future, she desires to extend her beauty line and launch certain other products as well.

The words of the Star

Lisa proves to be a multi-tasker. From being the author of several wonderful books to now turning an entrepreneur. The actress has managed to maintain a work-life balance. Recently Lisa had a conversation with Allure, in which she said, “Of course I want to go into everything down the line. Rinna Beauty is going to be a lifestyle brand. ”

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