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Kelly Clarkson put a ‘Pirate’ Eye Patch On Her Show For The Most Painful Reason

Kelly Clarkson put a ‘Pirate’ Eye Patch On Her Show For The Most Painful Reason

Season 2 of The Kelly Clarkson shows airs on September 21 and host Kelly has an eye patch covering her eye. Kelly Clarkson’s followers’ excitement is visible as Season 2 breathes. Numerous fans stream in to see the recent update of episodes. While their confusion is evident as the cherishable show’s host has an eye-patched. Immediately fans curiosity shoots to find the reason for the weird-looking patch.

The singer’s first sightings with the eye patch were when Clarkson Show’s Season 2 promo was out on 18 September. In the first episode of the show, she speaks on the fact of wearing an eye patch. The host jokingly vocalizes that she is wearing an eye patch. How much more Kelly can the situation get. Another promotion video shows Kelly being sorry about her eye to Dennis Quad. She mentions to him that she doesn’t usually look like a pirate. The 66 year-old-veteran-actor with his good mannerisms says she is the most beautiful pirate he has come across.

Kelly Clarkson put a ‘Pirate’ Eye Patch On Her Show For The Most Painful Reason

What happened to Kelly Clarkson’s eye?

Even though the well-meaning jokes are made on @Kellyclarkson appearance, her eye patch has fans thinking. The fans are anxious ever since the musician pleas for a divorce from her husband in June 2020. The couple Kelly and Brandon Blackstock had a marriage of 7 years. While fans express their concerns about the eye patch. One patch about patch says I hope her eye is alright. Whereas another expresses his affection for her while wondering what may be wrong with the eye.

The rumors on Youtube talk about eye-patch as a result of an eye infection. However, a video Kelly’s eye-patch describes after uploading it on the official Youtube Channel of the Kelly Clarkson Show on Sept 23. Talking to the interviewee Kelly mentions that her eye is hurt and it is mandated for her to wear until her eye heals. The singer continues with her interview. Recently Kelly appears on NBC’s  Sunday Today and was patch free. So, she’ll be addressing her fans patch-free as Kelly has healed from the injury. More updates are available on @kellyclarksonshow

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