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Kathie Lee Gifford on Daughter and Son’s Weddings- she hasn’t closed all the doors for love

Amidst the pandemic, many people are getting married. Many couples are deciding to tie not. Earlier, marriage’s got postponed. But now marriage’s are happening back. Moreover, the system of marriage is also changing. Currently, very few people are attending weddings. And very few are invited also. This is all due to coronavirus. Recently, Kathie Lee Gifford ‘s son and daughter got married.

Kathie Lee Gifford children wedding

Moreover, it was not the way they were wanting.  Sadly, due to the pandemic things are changing. So weddings too. However, her daughter and son have intimate weddings respectively. Basically, it was not the way they were dreaming off. She opened up about this in an interview. Reportedly, she was giving an interview with ET’s Rachel Smith at Acme Feed and Seed in Nashville, Tennessee, this week.

Kathie Lee Gifford on Daughter and Son's  Weddings- she hasn't closed all the doors for love

Her children wedding details

Apparently, Kathie Lee Gifford ‘s daughter is 27 years old. Her name is Cassidy. Reportedly, her marriage was different. She married Ben Weird this year June. Moreover, she was marrying him in his courtyard in Michigan. Eventually, they both are in love with each other. The TV personality son married Erika Brown. Apparently, he is 30 years old. Surprisingly, they both married each other on Labor Day weekend in Connecticut. That’s great.

Will Kathie remarry

Sadly, Kathie Lee Gifford’s husband died in the year 2015. Apparently, he was a football player and sports commentator. Reportedly, his name was Frank Gifford. He was 84 years old. Upon talking on her remarriage, she says she hasn’t closed all the doors for love.

Eventually, her movie, Then Came you, is about finding love again. Apparently, in the movie, she is a widow who travels with her husband’s ashes to the places they loved. Surprisingly, she ends up finding a second chance of love. Moreover, she has learned from her character is that love can happen at any time. Isn’t it amazing?

“If it finds me, I will rejoice, and if it doesn’t, I am so doggone busy”. She said in an interview. Kathie Instagram  @kathielgifford

Let’s see what will happen in the future. However, we wish luck and happy marriage life to Gifford’s children. And hope she will also find love again in life.