Brook Shields at 55 stuns in swimsuit shoot by Helena Christensen

Brook Shields

Sensational actress and model Brook Shields stunned everyone with her recent swimsuit photoshoot. The 55-year-old actress proved that she’s still got it! She paired up with Helena Christensen for yet another photoshoot. In her recent post, she posed in a black swimsuit rolling around in a garden. Over the past several days, they both have been sharing snaps on their Instagram accounts (@brookshields and @helenachristensen).

Brooke Shields, 55, stuns in swimsuit shoot by Helena Christensen

Teasing and releasing

A few days ago, Shields posted a photo teasing the collaboration. In the photo, Shields is sun-basking on a beach. She is wearing a yellow dress which has “sun-kissed” printed on it. She captioned the picture,

Working on something special with my friend @helenachristensen. You are incredible.

Further, Christensen shared a few snaps from the photoshoot itself. Some of them were in black-and-white. Shields showed off her fit, toned figure as she posed in a garden full of flowers. Moreover, Christensen went on to appreciate Shields on how beautiful and such a good friend she is. She said in her caption,

Capturing a person’s essence isn’t always so simple. You wish to reach through the complex, sometimes guarded layers to find the vulnerable, raw, yearning truth in their heart and mind. I’m excited to be a part of a personal project she’s been working hard on for a while now.

On the post, Shields commented and assured Christensen that she trusts, respects, and appreciates her. She also said that she was there for her.

Brook Shields and Christensen: Previously

Helena Christensen rose to fame as a Victoria Secret model. She always had a keen eye for photography. Previously, she snapped Shields for Reserved magazine. The duo has been acquainted with each other for quite some time now. A couple years ago, they were both spotted in New York, where they were happily chatting.

Earlier, Shields was married to Andre Agassi. However, they split up, and Shields went on to marry screenwriter Chris Henchy. They have been together since 2001. The couple shares 2 daughters together, Rowan (17) and Grier (14).

As for Christensen, she went through 3 divorces. She shares a 20-year-old son Mingus with her second ex-husband Norman Reedus.

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