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Surat-based 17-year-old girl becomes Regional Ambassador for UNEP programme

Surat-based 17-year-old girl becomes Regional Ambassador for UNEP programme

Conserving our nature is the most critical task of our present. But there are some passionate people who conserve it anyhow. And one of them is Khushi Chindaliya, A 17-year-old girl based at Surat, who tried to conserve and protect the disappearing greenery of her city. And destiny landed her for a bigger task.

Inspirational story behind

Khushi saw the greenery of her town disappearing on a large scale. She stated in an interview-” When I first came here with my family, my place was totally green and full of natural flora and fauna. The singing chirping cute little birds were a treat to watch.” Her house used to be a shelter for birds, in surat. But gradually in the pace of time, things started to disappear. Greenery turned into concrete and what was left behind was a jungle of concrete.

Realizing the fact, her younger siblings would not enjoy the sight of nature the way she did. She decided to find out the ways how to conserve nature, which was turning into concrete day by day. She took all her time to research on the subject in the lockdown period. To find out the causes and some sustainable solutions for them was her biggest objective. Her hard work is now ready to give her the fruits of it.

Appointed Ambassador for UNEP

Appointed as Regional Ambassador for India, By UNEP( Tunza eco generation). Khushi is all set to deliver her plans and solutions to make this world a better place not only just for humans but for each and every living being. She said” Now I have got the chance to keep my viewpoints more strongly and precisely. Protecting our environment is the need of time. The need for awareness and Educating people will surely play a bigger role- she added” Khushi will be now representing India’s contribution and plans that are being executed by the government in its policies to protect and conserve the environment. Her essay will also be published by UNEP, in a bok titled 100 essays by Indians.

She is now among one of those Indian students who have represented our country on an international platform. The list includes Riddhima Pandey who earlier spoke at UN Climate Action Summit, New York in 2019.

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