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PSN on Maintenance, server status news for Sony PlayStation Network

We all love to play video games. Especially young children love video games a lot. Moreover, in COVID-19 we all are obliged to stay home. Basically, it’s very boring to stay at home. Eventually, we all something entertaining to do at home. The video game is the best option. Video games keep us engaged. But, some errors come while playing games. Currently, PSN is down.

PSN down from today’s night

Reportedly, a lot of complaints are coming to PSN. Moreover, PSN is down. However, PS4 gamers are conflicting error reports. It states that PSN is down for maintenance. This is sad. Furthermore, this looks like some kind of PlayStation Network outage. This issue is occurring from today’s night. However, it is devastating.

PS4 on Maintenance, server status news for Sony PlayStation Network

What’s the matter

Sony is getting a lot of complaints. The PlayStation users are not able to sign in and create an account. It is causing a lot of hurdles to the game users. Basically, while logging in, the error message is popping up. Reportedly, thousands of complaints are coming. This is a huge number. Hence, it is a major issue. People are unable to login, so will they play the game. As a result, users are losing interest. This is a big glitch.

Sony says on this issue

Thankfully, Sony is acknowledging the issue. Currently, Sony is sharing some information on this issue. As a number of complainants are reporting rapidly.  The latest message is delivered by Sony. In this message they mention, they are receiving complaints. And shortly the issue will get resolved. Hence, their officials are working on it. Hopefully, it will resolve soon.

Reportedly, PSN and much other core service is also confirming the glitch. As per the users, this is a global problem. Hence, it is affecting server access and login across the globe.

We don’t know all of a sudden how these errors’ comes. PlayStation is played by many peoples across the map. Plus Sony is a big brand. It’s a downfall to see these big brand games are not working. Furthermore, users are also not happy with it. Hence, they are unable to play their favorite games. Moreover, Sony is working on it. Their technicians and engineers are working on it. Sadly, it will take some time. Till then, users need to keep patience.