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Oakland mayor said – I respect the righteous rage’ , Oakland Protest

Oakland mayor said - I respect the righteous rage' , city is prepared for Breonna Taylor protests

Many filthy things are happening in the world. While some are good, some are bad. Moreover, the pandemic is going on. Previously, we had Amazon wildfire. Reportedly, many celebrities also passed away. Then the “Black lives matter” started. Currently, USA presidential elections are proceeding. In Oakland, a major issue is going. People are planning for protests. And Oakland mayor is supporting them. Let’s go further.

Oakland Protest

Reportedly, protest is going on in Oakland city. Many people are coming to the streets and protesting. Moreover, several Bay Area rallies took place. It started from Oakland to San Francisco to San Jose. Several people come up on streets against the jury decision on the Breonna Taylor’s drug killing raid. Basically, people are not happy with the Jury decision. According to them, justice is not given. It’s a biased decision. Apparently, people are chatting for justice. Reportedly, the slogans are “We want Justice” and We want it now.

Oakland mayor said - I respect the righteous rage' , city is prepared for Breonna Taylor protests

Why people are protesting

Apparently, on March 13, Breonna Taylor was killed by the Louisville police officers. Basically, the police were busting in her home. Reportedly, a narcotics investigation was going on. So, the police enter her house and shot her multiple times. They were shooting her without any mercy. Surprisingly, she was a black woman. So, it is creating a lot of buzzes. We all aware of injustice to black people across the globe.

Mayor supporting the protest

Libby Schaaf, Oakland’s Mayor is in support of the protest. According to her, the jury decision was biased. Apparently, what police did to the black lady was wrong. Schaaf is ready for the protest. Reportedly, She will be holding protest peacefully. Apparently, a peaceful protest is organizing in the city. And the Mayor is in the favor of the protest.

At this time, the world is suffering. “ Black lives matter” is the main motto of the people. However, police are doing injustice to black people. Basically, the police are killing black people ruthlessly. Sadly, the jury is supporting them. So, it’s all wrong. We all need to take a stand and speak up on this issue.