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Delhi Riots ‘Conspiracy’ Charge Sheet, Everything You Need to Know

Delhi Riots ‘Conspiracy’ Charge Sheet, Everything You Need to Know

It is after six months of an exhaustive investigation into the Delhi riots. However, it considered a boss war. However, Home Minister Amit Shash has pronounced the verdict. Earlier they were spontaneous. Although things are much linked to Anti-citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protests. Umar Khalid along with his organization United Against Hate is the key conspirator. Mr. Amit Shah also quoted a speech by a student leader. However, the main victims behind the riots were its real perpetrators. Thus the massive charge sheet has various hidden things. Though these riots have created a lot of problems in the state. As well as in the country.

Delhi Riots ‘Conspiracy’ Charge Sheet, Everything You Need to Know

The most important charge sheet

This is filed in FIR 59/2020 on 16 September. It has a connection with 700 specific FIRs. However, this case invokes the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). This is all because to protect the sovereignty of the country. It is considered as the mother of all the charge sheets. This has about 17,000 pages. The main narration running into 2,600 pages.

Hindu-Muslim riots

However, the Delhi Police is showing a different reality. The planning is made three months before the execution. They tried a beta version. Later in the light of lessons learned the model is improvised. The site of violence carefully selected. Finally, the design executed in northeast Delhi. This all took place during and after US President Donald Trump’s visit. Umar Khalid is the student leader who planned the riots. He has been under physical protection. This is also presumably electronic surveillance of Delhi Police since 2018. He has managed everything. Later he designed the things. The execution of the riots right took place right under the nose of the Delhi Police.


The charge sheet would have you believe Sharjeel Imam is another JNU student. He was the key collaborator. He has started a WhatsApp group of Muslim JNU students. The riots initiated in Shaheen Bagh. However, the Journalists who went through 3,000 pages of chats. They have not found anything. There are very unclear things. The riots created problems. However, problems are still on CAA due to Covid-19. However, these riots never bring any solution. They have always been a threat to the county. This needs to be an end. The truth shall prevail. Hence the citizen’s rights need to be protected. However, they have the right to know things properly.

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