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COVID-19 infections in Kentucky, death toll declining

New Covid-19 cases and related deaths in Kentucky remain near record highs. Although the people are asked to maintain social distancing. The state leaders urged residents to keep the gathering very small. They must wear masks. Kentucky has around 62,731 cases and 1,119 deaths. The troll continues to rise. There are new cases emerging. Thus just in 1 week, Kentucky recorded 1,650 new Covid-19 cases. However, the people gathered for Kentucky Derby and Labour Day. They were asked to wear masks. Also to maintain 6 feet distancing during the gathering. Beshear and state Health Commissioner Dr. Steven Stack urged the people. He even admonished people who refuse to adhere to the guidelines. This includes wearing masks. However, people believed that this just for political motivation. The people had promoted towards the pandemic. They did not follow the instructions properly. However, people are not understanding the situation.

COVID-19 infections in Kentucky, death toll declining

The decline in death toll

However, the death toll declines. But people must follow the guidelines. They need to keep themselves protected. Though people are becoming careless. They neglect the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. On March 6, 2020, Kentucky recorded the first case. Even the students who arrive for in-person classes at the University of Kentucky were tested. There were 254 positive results. And around September 2 there were 760 cases in the University of Kentucky students. Later on, March 17, and executive order passed. This has allowed pharmacists to issue the prescription for 30 days. This is in case if they cannot contact a patient’s doctor. However, there are people who kept on following the rules. But there are some who had not even taken precautions. This had lead to an increase in infections. The death toll declines gives a positive impact on the citizens.

Ray of hope

However, there is a ray of hope among Kentucky as the death toll declines. Also in the context of the Covid-19 vaccine. The scientists and government are trying to bring the vaccine by end of 2020. Also, the way cases are rising is the need. The government is issuing the guidelines. The citizens followed it. However, there were protests against the Government. This is due to the Governer’s restrictions began in March 2020. In respect to the opposition hanging an effigy of Andy Beshear on March 24. Although the ray hope is there among people.

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