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Breonna Taylor Protests Rise in New York City, Man Arrested

Breonna Taylor

In the burning case of Breonna Taylor, protesters became so active. All the protestors distributed among various patches after marching in the thousands in New York City Wednesday night when they got to know the word that criminal charges were passed down to just one Kentucky police officer but not three others. Accordingly, Hundreds of protesters rallied at 59th Street and Fifth Avenue burdensome justice for Breonna Taylor. As a result of the protesting march, the crowd cram-full into the street at times. Fortunately, Police reported no arrests following the protests which are peaceful.

Cram-full of protesters

In the demand for justice for Taylor, protesters covered all over the streets. It’s quite safe to presume that they targeted for Trump Tower but Wednesday evening the building was heavily surrounded by the protection. So instead, they looked up to march around it. Many protesters highlight their views and said that this was the outcome they were already expecting. Several hundred protesters converged the area at the Barclays Center. Many of the protesters on bikes encircled the squad of Black Lives Matter protesters, forming a cushion between protest and police. Many of the protesters even flocked to the Manhattan Bridge to walk across and continuing their protest.

Investigation Still going in Breonna Taylor case

In the case of Taylor, A Kentucky grand jury charged fired officer Brett Hankison with three counts of wanton endangerment for shooting into Taylor’s neighbors’ homes at the time of the raid on March 13 night. The FBI is still investigating all the potential violations of federal law in that case. After many days of protests and months of investigation, Hankinson was summoned of firing blindly into several apartments and carelessly threatening Taylor’s neighbors, and also that the other two officers were justified in the use of their force.

Current scenario

Yet no arrest has been come through for the protest but police in Louisville, Kentucky said that at least one officer has been shot during the incident. It’s still unclear if the officer was shot during the protests in accordance with the decision of the grand jury to bring no citation against police for the killing of Breonna Taylor during a drug raid which was completely gone wrong.

When asked To President Trump over the case of Breonna Taylor, Trump ignored the question and he left his press conference saying for an emergency call.

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