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AIDS vs COVID-19, Pandemics and Panic, world is fighting with the global outbreak

AIDS vs. COVID-19, Pandemics and Panic, world is fighting with the global outbreak

A pandemic is defined as “an epidemic occurring worldwide. In fact, it crosses international boundaries and usually affects a large number of people.” When a pandemic arrives it brings misconceptions in abundance. In addition to this, a great state of panic and numerous problems also join the adverse situation. Currently, the entire world is fighting with the global outbreak of COVID-19.

A case study: AIDS vs COVID-19

Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is caused by the HIV virus. The major reason for the spread of this can be sexual contact with multiple partners. Also, sharing needles and blood transfusions can be the reasons for this transmission.

Similarly, COVID-19 is caused by a virus called Coronavirus. Few people can have moderate symptoms. While few can be severely affected by this. It can lead to death if a person is deprived of proper medical care.

Pandemic as a puzzle

Previously in 1981 healthy, young, gay men had had weight loss and pneumonia.  A health condition that the entire medical world was witnessing for the very first time. Later it was discovered that it was the emergence of a health issue called AIDS.

Initially, COVID-19 was termed as pneumonia.  The virus was known as Wuhan Virus or Coronavirus. Until the World Health Organization recognized it as a global pandemic of COVID-19. A pandemic that was an absolutely new challenge for medical science.

Humans often relate Pandemic to animals

Several times humans link the origin of a pandemic with an innocent animal. Firstly it was believed that HIV was found in chimpanzees. With the evolution of medical science, this myth was concluded.

In fact, the initial theories of Coronavirus were similar to those of AIDS. Firstly all pointed to transmission from animals to humans. In addition to this Bats were considered the initial source. Moreover, the confirmation of the exact origin is yet to be established.

The reaction of the masses

Incomplete knowledge gives rise to numerous misconceptions and rumors. For instance, AIDS is surrounded by several rumors We are in 2020, still in many parts of the World AIDS is considered a matter of shame.

In fact, AIDS is just a medical condition like any other. A person diagnosed with AIDS shall be given an adequate amount of respect. Rather than being left out. People often see it as an immoral health condition.

An ample amount of knowledge is essential

As a result of these misconceptions and social conduct. People see AIDS as a threat to society. In place of this, gaining adequate knowledge about the causes is essential. This can lead to a better and healthy World. Finally, the globe will be free from the cage of misconceptions.

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