Nikki Bella & Artem Chigvintsev weren’t prepared for parenthood

Nikki Bella

It seemed like time used to fly in much pace. There was a time when Artem Chigvintsev and Nikki Bella were not ready to be parents. But eventually, when Artem and Nikki Bella welcomed their son in July, they are now learning to enjoy with their son. Consequently, Artem opened about the fact that earlier he and Bella were not ready to achieve parenthood. But time made them go through all such beautiful moments that made them so responsible parents.

Interview with Extra

In an exclusive interview with Extra on Tuesday, September 22 Artem spoke that they were supposed to go for classes and a lot of stuff. But because of the global coronavirus pandemic, they couldn’t. September 22. He said that they were not as prepared as they wanted to be. He and Bella are now on learning after going with their son Matteo. According to Artem, their one-month-old son brought so much joy and happiness to their lives of both.

The Russian dancer spoke to the outlet that he still can’t believe that the one-year-old cute boy belongs to him. He said that it always seems tough to leave him especially when the little boy being super cuddly and smiling and set all happy. Being a parent Artem said that he just wants to make him proud and he is doing it for him.

Nikki Bella a crazy mom

Artem Chigvintsev revealed that Bella has been a crazy amazing mom for her child during her fiancé’s absence.  Chigvintsev explained that Bella is such a trooper. She generally used to wake up to feed him. Whenever he got home, he always tried to go for help as much as he can do for her. Artem added that its really a great feeling and he wants to relive every single day of him with his baby son.

The arrival of happiness

The baby boy of Artem and Bella arrived in July, and the new dad was almost grizzling at that time. He told Entertainment Tonight last month that according to him people had not seen a man sobbing like that him. As per Artem, it was nasty but in the most joyful way, and when the baby opened his eyes and it just made him feel like, ‘Oh, my God.

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