Lucas Giolito leads positivity in White Sox Playoff Expectations, Win The World Series

Lucas Giolito Sets White Sox Playoff Expectations: Win The World Series

The White Sox set some high bars. In the task to secure the franchise’s first playoff berth in a dozen years. With facts out there team losing 89 games pre-season. The team still has to make big leaps, the challenge is quite a catch.

Well moving in September, the expectations are shifting. As the expectations are just bigger this time. The White Sox had a mission to make it to the October match. And the mission is on the accomplish list.

Another goal on the to-do list is to avoid elimination. For a rare time since the doubleheader is at mercy of the St. Louis Cardinals on August 15. The losses since the day are just accumulating for White Sox. After Annihilating low competition like the Kansas City Royal, Detroit Tigers, and Pittsburgh Pirates the White Sox is acing the upper echelon of the American League. The White Sox makes place after winning 3 out of 4 against the division-rival Minnesota Twins pre-week.

Lucas Giolito Sets White Sox Playoff Expectations: Win The World Series

Lucas Giolito leads positivity

Minnesota starts with Jake Odorizzi, exiting after three 2/3 innings due to blister. Cody Stashak, Tyler Duffey, and Trevor to fill in the void Jake left. The twins retiring 18 batters post-Jose Abreu’s 16th home run of the season, leading to fourth. Abreu also establishes a history-making 195th home run and 660th RBI of his career. Lucas Giolito remarks on it referring to Abreu “That’s our leader, that’s our MVP” Giolito also mentions how impeccable is Jose’s game as his focus is there at every single time.

Manager Rick Renteria for White Sox says it’s unbelievable what Abreu has been able to do. He mentions being happy for him and hopes it will happen for everybody in some way as they get the ‘offense’ to give the chance. Giolito gave away three runs and three walks in six innings going 104 pitches. The three runs homed by Eddie Rosario leadoff home run in second and Byron Buxton achieving two-run blast in fourth.

The twins put another homer to board when Miguel Sano hit right through Matt Foster in the eighth. Giolito being himself wasn’t shaken through homers scoring. His concerns were three walks inclusive of Rosario before Buxton’s home run. He talks about being better with competitive pitches. His mentioning of competitive at-bats with not giving opposition free pass to score.

The grief gets burdening as 6 game winning streak for The White Sox (32-17) ends. Resulting in Twins (31-20) making space in two games of first place in the American League Central. Minnesota tops charts with 5-4 leads with the Thursday finale’s left to play. Giolito takes this as an opportunity and says their eye lies on the goal. Despite whatever happens their confidence and optimism keep them up for the next game.

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