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Kobe Bryant viral Crash photos, lawsuit claimed against officials, investigating the crash

The fearful accident that shooked basketball fans all around the world Again is in the limelight. Kobe Bryant and Others who left for their celestial residence in this horrific accident can never come back again.  But Kobe’s Wife wants to  Acquire justice for her husband and daughter although anyhow. Moving forward, she goes up with filing the suit against the authorities concerned. She documented a claim against the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and its head, Alex Villanueva.

Kobe Bryant demise, The day that shooked the world

It was not just her, but many others who were shattered when they heard about the sudden demise of Kobe Bryant and along with his daughter.  On 26, January 2020  It was Not just them,  7 other people also lost their lives in the crash.  The crashed plane was found in Cala basses, which was en route to the forthcoming basketball tournament back then. The family was back then assured about the site as being protected. But sooner the photos of the crash went viral online on many platforms.

Vanessa Bryant viral Crash photos, lawsuit claimed against officials, investigating the crash

Lawsuit Filed

Now- Kobe’s wife Vanessa has decided to file a lawsuit against the Sheriff’s department.  So that she can seek justice for her beloved husband and daughter. The photo spill was disclosed to her by the Los Angeles Times article. Way back then, She pleaded the department to maintain the security of the site pictures and photos. Also asked some questions regarding the investigation going on. But the department refused her stake on the grounds of Privacy. As per reference in the lawsuit, it says-““To date, in response to Mrs. Bryant‘s private requests, the Department has not provided a single ounce of actual information.”This is the reason why Mrs. Bryant has opted for the legal way to solve her terms. And also she is willing to seek undisclosed damages to remedy violations of civil rights, negligence, mental trauma, and privacy violation.

The lawsuit claimed-” The officials who were in charge of investigating the crash, Took the pictures and spread them over the internet. In addition, they said- “The sheriff guided representatives to erase the photographs to evade discipline and to devastate proof of their unfortunate behavior”.

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