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Hunter McGrady
Hunter McGrady

Hunter McGrady is an American plus-size model. She is mainly famous for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. Born on 4th May 1993, she is currently 27 years old. Previously, McGrady has publicly spoken about her struggles as a model and much more about body positivity. She also started her own clothing line recently. Furthermore, she married Brian Keys last year. Brian’s 8-year-old daughter has accepted McGrady and the two seem to get along with each other very well.

McGrady’s painful challenges

In a recent interview, McGrady spoke about her initial modeling days. She mentioned that at the age of 16, she was 6ft tall and weighed 114 lbs. The model spoke about how she was rejected for a job after she had booked it. She further admitted that they rejected her because they didn’t realize “how big” she was.

They just wouldn’t let her try on the outfits or let her do anything for that matter. She was heartbroken. Further, McGrady explained that every agent she met asked her to lose weight. She was constantly told that she wasn’t “thin enough” to work as a straight model. This experience changed the way she looked at herself. McGrady expressed,

I went through that feeling like I had to measure up to be accepted or I wasn’t worthy of love, I wasn’t worthy of success if I wasn’t thinner. If this is what it takes to be a model, this isn’t for me. Like, I’m out, I’m done.

Hunter McGrady Fashion Line

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, McGrady launched her brand new fashion line All Worthy. The brand is inclusive of all sizes and emphasizes on body positivity. Every item has a size range from XXS to 5XL. McGrady mentioned that despite the social restrictions worldwide, some of the pieces in her debut collection sold out within the first week.

The American plus-size model has been all about body positivity since the very beginning. Her inspiration behind the line is drawn from her own struggles. She has admitted that the constant criticism about her body has crushed her spirits, and she doesn’t want another woman to have to go through it.

Hunter McGrady and Brian Keys

Reportedly, Keys started following McGrady on social media on the recommendation of a woman back in 2015. He had been a fan of hers much before they met. He used to follow her on Snapchat as well. Once when McGrady was in New York, he insisted to take her out on a date. However, she asked him to add her on Facebook as she wanted to see what he looked like. She admitted to being stunned at the sight of him.

He added me [and] my heart sunk. I thought he was so handsome.

Six months later, Keys proposed to her, and the couple got married in June 2019. The ceremony was indeed beautiful! Further, McGrady said,

Our first date was three days long and well, he’s now my future husband. Thanks Snapchat!

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