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Hunter McGrady, ‘Curviest model ever’ – ‘Setting people up for failure’

Hunter McGrady, 'Curviest model ever' - 'Setting people up for failure'

Earlier in 2017 Hunter McGrady graced the cover of Sports Illustrated. This gained a title for her as the “curviest model ever”. Further, she acquired success in abundance. Moreover, she also tried her hands in the fashion industry. In addition to this, she opened her clothing brand called All Worthy. McGrady is constantly demanding change in the fashion industry.

Hunter McGrady, Prior knowledge

Hunter Sienna McGrady is an American plus-size model. She initiated her modeling career at a very tender age of 15.  Further at the age of 19, she decided to start plus-size modeling. She accepted her body size with all pride. This acquired the title of the “curviest model ever”.

Hunter McGrady, 'Curviest model ever' - 'Setting people up for failure'

” All Worthy “

After gaining success in the modeling industry, the model has initiated her clothing brand. Also, she is the prime designer for her clothing line with QVC. The clothing brand is known as “All Worthy”. With this venture, she dreams to gain enormous success in the fashion industry too.

A venture to push the boundaries

With her modelling career, the model became a trendsetter. She acknowledged her size with a lot of pride. McGrady made it clear that XXL is equally beautiful as size zero. Again she comes with a major goal. The goal of pushing the boundaries of fashion. The goal to bring new changes and inclusivity.

A direct hit at the absurd mentality

With this fashion venture of hers, the model is trying to aim a direct hit on the absurd mentality. According to a few people, only those are beautiful who fit in their criteria. If a person is different from these criteria then ultimately he/she is not considered to be beautiful. McGrady wants to change the age-old “sample size” mentality. She wants people with every size to be comfortable and enjoy fashion simultaneously.

A demand for change

She also Discussed that the fashion industry looks for slim models. Often they set a person at failure just because of their size. According to the model a person shall be judged on the basis of their talent and not on looks. With her clothing brand, she dreams to push the boundaries and demand change. In addition to this, she also encourages people to be confident about themselves.

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