Haylee Michalski mocked for her unibrow, face daily hate

Haylee Michalski

In the world of cosmetic surgeries and implants, plucking eyebrows is no big deal, what happens if someone embraces this and love it? After several years of plucking the eyebrows, a 22-year-old model Haylee Michalski from South Carolina, USA. She confessed that she has to endure daily hate from trolls convincing her it looks like brows were McDonald’s logo and that she would look hotter if she shaved it off.

Different Cities Different Reactions

Model Haylee Michalski from Charleston, South Carolina, as a teenager began plucking the hair in between her eyebrows because she was scared about what people would utter if she let them grow. Haylee wasted hours rectifying her eyebrows although the process was laborious, painful, and very tiresome. Fed up with daily nurturing, she decided to leave her eyebrows as it is in the summer of 2019. When she was moved to New York City, Haylee found that people were always complimenting her bold look. But soon when she returned to her hometown, she was faced with a completely different reaction.No sooner she touched down at the airport, people gawked at her.

Embracing Yourself-Haylee Michalski

Most of Haylee’s family, while the majority of her family is accepting of it now. In the beginning, they couldn’t understand her reason behind having a unibrow. However, having a unibrow has not prevented Haylee from finding modeling jobs but it has made her job harder because some agencies ask her to shave them off. She said that was unaware of the process of plucking brows. And she had a horrible experience trying to keep her brows apart as she didn’t want them to come close. . ”However, over the years, I decided to let them grow in and they began to get closer and closer each month. Finally, when I moved to New York, I decided to let my full unibrow take shape,” she added.

Haylee Talked About How People Taunt Her

Talking about Haylee’s anxiety she said the nervousness before taking the step she said, that she would feel nervous before growing her unibrow. As it’s not a usual thing, and people have opinions, they don’t appreciate it, she wanted one of those people who are proud of their unibrow and not afraid of society.
She also admitted that over the years, people would taunt her for her unibrow look and call her with different not kind names. ‘
But she also said it doesn’t matter what people think of her unibrow she is comfortable with unibrow no matter what. She added that she loves the way she looks and is proud of her unibrow, it makes her more confident.

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