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Francois Arnaud ‘Schitt’s Creek’ actor, comes out as bisexual, puts Instagram story

Francois Arnaud 'Schitt's Creek' actor, comes out as bisexual, puts Instagram story

Recently, the actor Francois Arnaud come out as bisexual. It was a brave step. Moreover, it needs a lot of courage to do that. There is no shame in accepting yourself. Basically, each person is different from the other. So, we all have our own preferences. Reportedly, Francois Arnaud opens about his preferences. It is great. Celebrities inspire people. So they will set a good example. And there is no shame in this. We are, who we are!

Creek opens up

Reportedly, the actor puts the Instagram story in advance of bi Visibility day. Moreover, the open about his sexuality on Sunday. Schitt’s Creek is a French Canadian Entertainer. He is 35 years old. On Sunday, he wrote, he wasn’t “confused or trying to look edgy” and was sharing his story to help combat “assumptions of straightness” and bisexual erasure. He further opens and tells his experience, of being bisexual. A Bisexual is a person, who is interested in both male and female.

Francois Arnaud breaks the silence

Reportedly, he also speaks upon, why he was silent all these years. Apparently, it was a fear of masculinity. Today, everyone is taking masculinity as a fragile currency. The actors share his thoughts on it. Probably, it was tough for him to open up. Even though, it’s a modern world. But some people take bisexuality on masculinity. Surprisingly, he speaks on this on Bi Visibility Day.

Bi Visibility Day

Apparently, this day was launched in the year 1999. Basically, this day raises awareness of sexual preference. Moreover, they face many challenges. As per the research, bisexual people face “double discrimination”. Surprisingly, they are often invalidated and stigmatized by both straight and gay people.

Society still takes bisexuality as a stigma. This is sad. Moreover, people need to change their thinking with time. As per the study, bisexuals for roughly 40 percent of the LGBTQ community. This is sad. We are not creating a healthy environment for the people around us. People need to change ourselves. Society needs to change our perspective. There are a number of people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual. But they don’t open up because of many factors. But this needs to change. We are living in the 21st century. Things are evolving. So why not our thinking.