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Counting on- Jinger and Jeremy Shock Family With their Baby news

Counting on

In an exclusive sneak peek video clip of the finale of the Season Counting on, the Duggar family discloses about learnings for a new addition. Eventually, in the clip when Joy-Anna tells her family about her own pregnancy, Jinger reveals that she’s expecting it too. Jermy Vuolo, husband of Jinger expressed his feelings to his daughter and said that we had an announcement to make and he was speaking of little babies. They both also shared that Jinger’s due date is Nov. 19. The family then tries to reveal the gender of the baby with Jeremy kicking a soccer ball into the air that blown up with pink dust which they meant that the couple is going to have another girl.

Jinger after her miscarriage

Early in May 2020, the couple of Jinger and Jeremy put out that news on social media that they were contemplating again after her previous miscarriage.

On her previous miscarriage, Jinger opened out that Jeremy and she both guessed it was a girl. According to both of them it just a gut feeling they had. And after her miscarriage, they were so sad at that time. Jinger opened up her emotions that the bond the sisters share is absolutely idiosyncratic, and its the one she cherishes every day and every moment. After her miscarriage, she said with hope that for her and Jeremy they’ll definitely have their hands full with blessings.

Latest interview with Counting on

ET communicated with Jinger in the month of June after getting her pregnancy announcement. She talked to her about some different kind of feeling of the stress of disclosing the hear breaking news after her miscarriage. She asked her that ff course, just after the miscarriage… you’re excited but you don’t want to get too much excited at the same time.  Jinger said that she is fine with it and now she is nearly halfway for welcoming her new baby. She expressed her feelings and said that she is really feeling so thankful and grateful for carrying a new life with her.

Her 2-year-old daughter

Jinger and Jeremy shared this happy news with their two-year-old daughter. They were so excited to share such a joyful moment. Jeremy before sharing this news asked his daughter that What is she, Felicity? With lots of excitement, Jinger asked her 2-year-old daughter that does she want to be called big a sister?

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