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Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S preorders: Everything you need to know


Xbox, The succeeding generation of Xbox is upcoming just a pair of months far. Possibly, Soon you’ll be able to have a preorder for the Xbox Series X and series S which are going release on November 10 for $500 and $300, respectively. Eventually, The Series X and Series S starting their sale online on September 22nd and access to customers on November 10th. Giving essential details over the Xbox series which you should know here are some tips too. So before going for preorders have a look at the details given ahead.

Xbox: Retailers Listed

There are plenty of retailers who are going to launch an upcoming generation of Xbox series X and series S. Here mentioned some retailers have listed below where you need to find to go for preorders.

  1. The Microsoft Store
  2. Microsoft’s All Access Program
  3. Best Buy
  4. GameStop
  5. Amazon
  6. Walmart
  7. Newegg
  8. Target (for Series X)
  9. Target (for Series S)
  10. Sam’s Club
  11. Costco

Few of these retailers have provided their links but few not.

Various Regions of Retailers

There are different regions where the different retailers are seeking to access you the Xbox Series X and Series S. So, here is the list of retailers working in various regions presenting the All Access Program along with the time of their preorders launching:

  • Best Buy, GameStop, Microsoft Store, and Walmart: United States (8 AM PT)
  • Telstra: Australia (8 AM AEST)
  • Spark: New Zealand (8 AM NZST)
  • GAME and Smyths Toys: UK (8 AM BST)
  • Elgiganten: Denmark (9 AM CEST)
  • Gigantti: Finland (9 AM CEST)
  • Elkjøp: Norway (9 AM CEST)
  • Elgiganten: Sweden (9 AM CEST)

Xbox Series in the market

Xbox Series X and Series S will be available in trend in all 37 countries on 10 November, and almost 41 countries by the holidays. If your region is not mentioned then you can check with your local retailers. Both devices can also be purchased via Microsoft’s Xbox All Access program which will be available in more markets this year. Pricing starts at $24.99 a month for two years for the Series S, while the Series X will charge $34.99 a month. Approximately, it includes more than 100 games along with support for cloud gaming.

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