Star Trek vs Wars, Clash of Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill on Uber Eats

Star Trek vs Wars, Clash of Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill on Uber Eats

Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill are ready to throw down for franchise for Uber eats. These are the two biggest names in geekdom. One in Star Trek and the other one in Star Wars. However, this is one of the most random pairings. This is not seen since the Super Bowl. They are ready to take down for franchise honor commercial. Hamill has a baseball in hand in the commercial. They both had a conversation in between. Later separate doorbell interrupts the moment. Their bags full of food arrives. They both dropped off at each side. While both of them thanked the delivery driver. Although Hamill gives a thank you. Whereas Stewart gave him a bravo. The commercial further continues. And later both raised their bats. Further, they had a conversation. However the commercial ends bizarrely.

They both approach each other in a creepy, water splashed warehouse. Later Hamill announced his plans for a cheeseburger. He demanded with no tomatoes. It seems like two are going to come to blows. This is all with a baseball bat in hand. The Star Wars and Star Trek world’s are of different universes. However, they face off each other and fans quickly pointed out the things. The fans were not sure if they want to pick sides between the two.


Star Trek is famous for his fiction television series. This commercial was hilarious. Hamill is 68 years old. Whereas Patrick Stewart is 80 years old. They both are portrayed in a very interesting way. Hamill played Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy. Even in the recent sequel films. However, Patrick is portrayed as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek. The commercial debuted on Monday. This is after both the actors teased the video on social media over the internet. Stewart clad in black and grey ensemble. He is seen carrying a cricket mallet.

There were various tweets by their fans. We can not deny the fact they enjoyed the commercial. As well as the people watching it enjoyed. They both are very reputed and underrated actors. However, the fans must want to see them more. This was a very entertaining and interesting commercial. The acting of them is commendable.

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