Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart Star in Insane UberEats Commercial

Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart
Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart

Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart, The Star Wars and Star Trek to crossover. Mark Hamill discloses Sunday night about him and Patrick Stewart, Star Trek’s Superstar to share the screen. Though the way we like them on screen is different the stars to conquer the beautiful space. Hamill shares a teaser on his Twitter account to unleash the news. The teaser discovers a teaser for an upcoming commercial for UberEats that the duo is to star in. Not everything is uncovered yet in the teaser, but we can make out how the two superstars can’t find themselves to agree on how to vocalize tomato. To-may-toe, to-mah-toe in the different ways duo comes up. Hamill hit the screen last time in Star Wars Franchise in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Stewart actively painted as Jean-Luc Picard in Paramount +’s Picard Series. The Picard has 5 nominations for Emmy Awards in its name, inclusive of Outstanding sound Editing and Outstanding Character Makeup.

Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart: The ad is out

The advertisement depicts anunoccupiable warehouse, as Hamil sporting black enters armoring lumber. ‘Tonight, I will be consuming four-cheese tortellini with extra tomatoes,’ says focused Stewart glancing at Hamill. The Star Wars hero menaces Stewart saying “So, it’s come to this”. His speech however is cut short by bell ringing and an UberEats Package arriving. Hamill quickly says thank you. In a jiffy, Stewart’s attention is capture by a delivery person who gives him a meal. ‘Bravo’ comments Stewart to the delivery man. Post receiving food packages both men start acing towards each other with harmless weapons. When Stewart mentions careful Hamill daddy is not here to save you. To which Hamill proudly response ‘I’m my own daddy’ Stewart is all muddled as he puts the question “Come Again?” Hamill tries to gain his senses to comment in all bewilderment. He says, “Wait What” isn’t that same for you daddy’s not here to save you either. Stewart is befuddled too “What the hell are you talking about?”. When suddenly the ‘fight’ could have picked up they are on halt with the screen showing UbearEats bag with the Tagline, “Tonight, I will be eating…”

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