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Louisville shootout, Man shot dead near the Jefferson- Oldham county line

Louisville shootout, Man shot dead near the Jefferson- Oldham county line

Crimes are increasing every day. Every day, we get to hear something bad. Basically, a lot of wrong things are happening in the world. This is very sad. Apparently, in every part of the map, sad incidents are happening. Coronavirus, black lives matter and many other issues are going on. Moreover, many people are fighting also for their basic rights. It’s devastating to see this. Currently, a man is found dead in Louisville. The investigation is still going on.

Louisville neighborhood shootout

Louisville shootout, a man was shot to death in a neighborhood near the Jefferson- Oldham county line. Moreover, the shooting was reported just before 9 pm. This incident was happening in the 14800 block of Hedge wick Way. It happened on Monday, according to the Louisville Metro Police Department.

Victim details

Reportedly, the person died was Male. Furthermore, the man was in his early 30s. Basically, he found dead with a gunshot wound. Moreover, the victim’s identity is still not found. Department is investigating, who the person is. Sadly, the man is dead. His family will break after hearing this. It’s devastating to see a person wad shot all of a sudden.

Suspect in custody

Moving forward, one suspect is in custody. Reportedly, A spokesperson for the LMPD said a suspect is with them. They are interrogating him. Moreover, the name of the suspect is not released by the department. And the additional details about the shooting are still left. Reportedly, the LMPD’s homicide unit is investigating this case. Hopefully, the investigation will be completed soon. And the victim will get justice by the judicial system.

Basically, a lot of filthy things are happening in the world. Some human beings have lost their mind. They do wrong actions and harm other people. Moreover, by harming the one person, they harm their family members also indirectly. People need to educate themselves. People need to acknowledge what is right and what is wrong. However, their action will reflect in the future. So we hope that no such bad incident happened in the future. Let’s make the world a happy and safe place to live.