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House stopgap spending bill includes $1.6B for Columbia-class subs

House stopgap
House stopgap

House stopgap, This might be the great news for Columbia. However, the Navy can buy the first two missile submarines. They are Columbia-class ballistic missile submarines. However, under a stopgap government funding measure released. The House Democrats took this decision on Monday. Generally this stopgap spending bills. This bill is also a continuing resolution (CR) bar. Any changes to existing funding, including preventing new purchases. But the CR released Monday released the details. It is estimated at around $1.6 billion. The Navy may enter into a contract. This is at the beginning of the fiscal year 2021. This is for the procurement of up to two Columbian Class Submarines. However, this allows the Navy authority to fund the subs. This bill will keep the government-funded. This will through December 11. It averts a government shutdown. This will happen at the end of this month.

House stopgap: Aid for farmers

Although it may seem unclear. As if it will be signed into the law. This will further exclude aid for farmers. These farmers are affected by the coronavirus pandemic. However, there is a provision for them. But they believe this might not efficient. This is by the White House and Senate Republicans. They both had a conflict over this. Even Senate Majority slammed the House  Democrats. Later the authorities are thinking to buy two Columbia class nuclear power subs. This won’t be allowing the Navy to meet U.S. Strategic Command requirements. However Pentagon Official also expressed their views on this. They had no wiggle room on the timeline for the Columbia class program. They will replace the aging Ohio Class Submarine with the new ones. This will be a great addition to the Columbian submarine list. However, it will benefit Columbia at various levels. Later The CR also extends an authority. However, this authority was granted in the coronavirus relief bill. It is also known as the CARES Act. This allows Pentagon to reimburse contractors. It is a good decision. This added costs due to the pandemic. As we all know pandemic has changed the situations. This authority will expire next week. However, the bill doesn’t include two other defense-related exceptions. The NNSA to start work on the W93.

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