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Dreadhead Cowboy faces 3 charges after riding horse on Dan Ryan

Dreadhead Cowboy
Dreadhead Cowboy

Dreadhead Cowboy, CHICAGO — A man is popularly known as the “Dreadhead Cowboy” allegedly faced three charges. As a result of riding his horse on the Dan Ryan, he got imposed with these charges. Moreover, the police responded to the entire incident. Dreadhead Cowboy was witnessed riding his horse on the Dan Ryan Expressway. All this happened on Monday afternoon.

Dreadhead Cowboy

Adam Hollingsworth, 33, who is better known as the ‘Dreadhead Cowboy’. He was witnessed practicing horse riding on the Dan Ryan Expressway. As a result of this action, he was charged with three serious charges. He had a ride on his horseback on the expressway near 35th street. Due to this, the traffic was stuck for a short duration of time.

A thirty-minute ride

Adam rode for a duration of 30 minutes. In addition to this the traffic slowed to a halt. Later the Illinois State Police and Chicago police were informed about the entire action. They arrived at the scene. Police said they asked Hollingsworth and those who were with him to exit the expressway multiple times. Also, it was informed by the police that they refused.

Taken into custody

They exited at 95th Street and Hollingsworth was placed into custody. As mentioned earlier three charges were imposed on him. With his not so okay action, he invited trouble for himself. He was charged with reckless conduct, disobeying a police officer, and criminal trespass. State police said another man attempted to gain control of the horse after Hollingsworth was arrested.

A ride with a motive

On Monday Hollingsworth rode with the goal of turning more attention to the recent slayings of so many children this past summer. An activist named Mark Carter said, “The thing is to send a message that our children are dying. That there are no resources coming to our communities.” He further said, “When it comes to everything, we get the bottom of the barrel of everything. It’s not gon’ happen no more. It’s time for things to change.”

Some more information

After all this, the Chicago Animal Control was called to the scene. Finally, they took the animal to their facility. The horse of Adam had several injuries. Police said it was bleeding from the left hoof, its right hoof was injured and the right side of the horse’s body had sores from the saddle. Furthermore, the horse will be taken care of.

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