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Trafalgar Square Protest – 32 lockdown and anti-vaxxers arrested, Central London

Trafalgar Square Protest - 32 lockdown and anti-vaxxers arrested, Central London

Trafalgar Square Protest. hundreds of people came together in Central London on Saturday afternoon to protest against vaccines and the lockdown. The world pandemic has pretty much peaked everyone’s frustration limits. Protests broke out after the news of a possible second lockdown in the U.K. was circulated. People were outraged at the thought of having to trap themselves inside their homes once again. Another reason for the protests was related to a few rumors regarding the vaccine.

The ruckus created at Trafalgar Square

TheĀ Resist and Act For FreedomĀ rally saw a heated face-off between the protestors and the police officers. The human blockades pushed dozens of officers away. Some of them were mounted on horses. Two officers suffered from minor injuries due to violent outbreaks. Further, many people were injured in this event. Unfortunately, one person suffered a blow to their head and started bleeding profusely. Another was receiving medical treatments on the ground. The London Ambulance Service reported that they assessed three others and took one of them to the hospital. The police further stated that they had to encourage the crowd to leave. When they did so, they met with a great extent of hostility and violence.

Trafalgar Square Protest - 32 lockdown and anti-vaxxers arrested, Central London

Trafalgar Square Protest, Dispersing the crowd

The police arrested 32 people for violent disorder, public order, and assault on an emergency worker as they had no other choice. They cleared the others off by 5pm. Superintendent Emma Richards expressed that gathering in such large numbers in the middle of a public health crisis puts other people at risk. She further stated that their honest efforts to disperse the crowd went in vain as they wouldn’t listen. She continued,

The amount of hostility shown towards officers, who were simply there to keep people safe, is unacceptable. More than 30 people were arrested and they remain in custody.

One day prior to this event, London Mayor Sadiq Khan had hinted at possibly reimposing the lockdown. He expressed his concern regarding the rate of transmission in the capital city. Reportedly, the number of weekly cases per 100,000 people has increased from 18.8 to around 25.

Trafalgar Square Protest, Rumors regarding the vaccine

One speaker at the rally, Professor Dolores Cahill of University College Dublin (UCD), alleged that the coronavirus vaccine could make people sick instead of immunizing them. However, the UCD has disassociated itself from the professor’s views.

As per the NHS, vaccines are the most effective way to prevent deadly diseases from spreading. Previously, they have eradicated diseases like smallpox, polio, and tetanus in the U.K. Furthermore, if people are against vaccines, diseases can spread more rapidly. The NHS further gave the example of the measles and mumps outbreak from 2016 to 2018. There is no evidence that vaccines cause autism, allergies, or weaken the immune system in any way. They don’t contain harmful ingredients as well. The World Health Organisation says immunization prevents two to three million deaths per year.

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