NCT 2020 reveals 2 new members and Mega Projects, Fans going crazy

NCT 2020 reveals 2 new members and Mega Projects, Fans going crazy

NCT 2020 has revealed their details for the 2029 mega project. However, they have also introduced 2 new members to the NCT label. The group will release their first full album on October 12. This will be NCT 2020: RESONANCE Pt. 1. Thus the new album will have 12 songs. This includes double title tracks. It includes Make A Wish and From Home. However, Make A Wish will release on October 12. Whereas the music video From Home will be released on October 19. Though this is not it. In addition to this SM Entertainment has announced there will be two new addition to the NCT family. The NCT family is growing day by day.

However, currently, there are 21 members throughout various subunits in NCT Dream. Also in NCT 127 and WayV. Now they are grown up to 23. Thus these 2$ will be participating now. The two new members are Shotaro and Sungchan. They are being active in Macy’s experimental submit NCT U.

NCT 2020 reveals 2 new members and Mega Projects, Fans going crazy


This is the good news for the NCT fans. Although they have confirmed, SM Entertainment was preparing for the release. Just like NCT 2018 this 2020 is a huge project for then. This involves all the members of the NCT in one album. On September 21 at midnight KST, NCT has revealed the teaser. This is on their official Twitter account. It is for their upcoming project titled Resonance. However, it seems a montage of several past releases. They were from NCT units combined into an epic highlight clip. This album conveys a message. Of connecting with others through music.

This is also for creating great synergy and impact on people. However, this new album will also continue the story of NCT’s universe. In that, they empathize with one another through dreams. Later they become one through music. Though the first teaser shows the new logo for the release of the album.

Fans going crazy

The fans were going crazy with this new video of SM. Even they are excited about the new appearance in the album. They have expressed their views through Twitter. They have also shown their love for the crew. However, it is very exciting to see their comeback.

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