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Jimmy Kimmel Fooled Viewers for a moment In 2020 Emmys Opening Monologue

“Hello and Welcome to the pand-Emmys”, Jimmy Kimmel says welcoming the audience to Emmy's 2020. Jimmy as a late-night host,

“Hello and Welcome to the pand-Emmys”, Jimmy Kimmel says welcoming the audience to Emmy’s 2020. Jimmy Kimmel as a late-night host starts the monologue for the ceremony as if all the ingredients were in the mix. Laughter and encouragement roaring from Ted Danson and Larry David followed his opening. Jimmy Kimmel’s unique humor has us all ecstatic.

“Wow, it’s great to finally see people again. Thanking you for risking everything to here” adds Kimmel to his little joke. The “crowd” did laugh at Jimmy’s quip. Post Kimmel reveals he was making most of a previous recording when producers played a clip of Kimmel chuckling along with the audience.

Kimmel’s riff continues as he admits it is his voice following by question if that was Kimmel who was up there. Adding to his monologue the host says that means no one is present in the audience. With a tinge of hopelessness, he mentions he is alone on stage just like his prom.


The camera focusing on the mask-less Oprah, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lorne Michaels, Lin Manuel Miranda, and additional giggles within the audience as Kimmel delivers his speech. Everybody observing had their doubts. So, was there a live audience of celebrities apparently not involved sporting masks or staying a minimum of six feet far from every other? The camera doing a marvelous job by showing where Kimmel was standing clears error.

The screen shows Kimmel alone at the stage of the Staples Center. With the cameraman’s art of showing maskless people, the viewers had opinions. “There are actual people at Emmys!” “The Emmys.  What the hell is going on.” “Wait the Emmys got a whole audience”. The statements are just a few of the remarks the audience thinking what is with stars their over the courageous move.

“Of course I’m here all alone”, Kimmel vocalizes with clearing any doubt about the presence of the audience in ‘no crowding times’. Telling everyone he states this isn’t a MAGA rally but Emmys!

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