Jason Bateman as live human among celebrity cardboard cutouts at Emmys

Jason Bateman as live human among celebrity cardboard cutouts at Emmys

Jimmy Kimmel, the host, launched the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday night. Due to the pandemic, there was a trace of no other human being in the whole Staples Center Arena. Viewers were utterly confused as clippings from the previous years were played in response to Kimmel’s jokes. Some were even under the impression that the audience was actually live! However, there were just celebrity cutouts, and the only real person in the Arena was Jimmy Kimmel.

Hello and welcome to the Pand-Emmies! It’s great to finally see people again. Of course I’m here all alone, of course we don’t have an audience. This isn’t a MAGA rally, it’s the Emmys.

Jason Bateman as live human among celebrity cardboard cutouts at Emmys

A Human among a sea of cardboard cutouts!

Surprisingly, only one human was present and sitting in the audience despite strict orders. The Ozark star, Jason Bateman, somewhat did a good job hiding in between the cardboard cutouts. Finally, he was revealed when the camera panned towards all the cardboard cutouts. As Kimmel introduced them, he said,

Instead of a live audience, we took a page from baseball and filled the seats with cardboard cutouts of the nominees. We have Regina, Meryl—wait a minute. Go back one. Jason? Jason? I know it’s you. I saw your eyes moving.

Not wanting to get caught, Bateman continued the act and remained still. However, he gave in quickly and exclaimed,

Mind your business, Kimmel. Big night for me.

Why is Jason Bateman present at the Emmys in person?

The actor and director continued to explain his desire to attend the Award show and asked Kimmel to let him stay. He said that he hadn’t left his house for six months. Further, he expressed his wish to eat shrimp with the cast of The Crown and that Mario Lopez would ask him about his pants. He also added the fact that he washed his hands frequently, and they smelled like “garden”.

Nonetheless, Kimmel urged him to leave as there were strict rules due to the raging pandemic. But, Bateman wasn’t convinced.

Jimmy Kimmel’s conditions

Ultimately, Kimmel agreed to let him stay on one condition. He said that the actor could stay only if he would laugh at Kimmel’s jokes. On this cue, Bateman got up to leave.

Huh. I’m out. I’m going to call a car.

Fans went crazy over this hilarious moment. Their enthusiasm was clearly visible on Twitter. Some went on to appreciate his skills while some others resorted to humorous sarcasm. Overall, everyone loved this little gig.

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