IPL: Delhi Capitals tied with Kings XI Punjab, DC wins Super Over


IPL, Yesterday was the second night of IPL 2020. A match was scheduled between two strong teams. The Delhi Capitals came to the ground to counter The Kings XI Punjab. Moreover both the teams played well and were successful in keeping the audience hooked. In addition to this, the match ended with a tie between both the teams. However, ultimately the Delhi Capitals won the match.

Absolute information

Due to the massive global outbreak of COVID-19, this year IPL is being played at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai. The less impact of coronavirus in this country became the reason behind this decision. Yesterday night a tough match was witnessed between the Delhi Capitals and Kings XI Punjab. With a great team, a competent captain is equally important. The captain for the Capitals is Shreyas Iyer. Whereas the captain for the Kings is K. L. Rahul.

IPL: A wonderful match

DC was winning it from the start of the chase till about the 16th over. But after this Mayank and Gowtham started taking on the bowlers. Finally then in the last over, with just one away from victory, things changed for the worse for the Kings XI. A tie and a Super Over, in just the second match of the tournament. Unreal as it may sound, it has given the cricket watchers a treat for sure. Ultimately the results of the super over were in the favour of DC.

Increasing the heat

Well, the live-action witnessed in yesterday’s match was enough to give a hint about this season. IPL 2020 is going to be as epic as the prior ones. A tie and a super over was definitely too much engrossing for the viewers. Such matches are capable of increasing one’s heartbeat to the next level. The most recent and popular example of such a match was the 2019 World Cup. The super over in the finals was quite tricky.

Further matches

The season has just begun and the viewers have fastened their seat belts. This is going to be an absolute roller coaster ride. Well, the body can guarantee which team is going to win this year. But one thing is guaranteed for sure and that’s immense entertainment. Today at 7 p.m. The Sunrisers Hyderabad are going to face the Royal Challengers Bangalore. In addition to this, the Rajasthan Royals will compete with the team who has acquired their first victory i.e. Chennai Super Kings.

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