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Dan McNeil Fired, Apologizes to Maria Taylor for Sexist Tweet

Dan McNeil Fired, Apologizes to Maria Taylor for Sexist Tweet

After remaining silent for an eerie week Dan McNeil posts an apology on Twitter Sunday morning. Radio host Dan McNeil has faced dismissal by Chicago’s 67 for using sexist comments regarding ESPN’s Maria Taylor. He sues an apology to the ESPN sideline newswoman and host during Sunday. McNeil in the past shares a screenshot of the outfit Taylor was sporting on football Night, captioning it she was dressed sort of a pornography star.

“NFL sideline newsman or a bunch for the AVN annual awards presentation?” McNeil captions with the picture. Taylor responds on Twitter, providing McNeil an opportunity to bring his “misogyny” to the NBA enumeration show she hosts. With supporting girls to wear what they please the female host rests. McNeil encompasses a history of derogative remarks toward girls. In 2007 incident within which he is known as a feminine TV government a “b—h” on-air phase.

Dan McNeil Fired, Apologizes to Maria Taylor for Sexist Tweet

Actions Face Consequences – Eviction Of McNeil

“Actions have consequences,” McNeil’s former co-host Danny Parkins mentions on his dismissal. Parkins perceive utter sadness about McNeil’s actions. Along with feeling terrible that Maria Taylor for football night. She has established a career milestone and has pretty accomplishments but somehow gets stabbing during this nonsense.

McNeil has been on the Chicago radio scene for over thirty years. Entercom, the parent company of 670 The Score in Chicago, has exited radio host Dan McNeil for tweet until he deletes the inappropriate comment.

For each one in the United States, our words have power. For our brands and on-air personalities that are amplified and bring redoubled responsibility. However, we decide to use our voices. Last night’s tweet, and its degrading and mortifying tone to a fellow feminine broadcaster, was unacceptable.
We have the most effective groups in Chicago, and that we should still hold ourselves to high expectations to still be leaders in our organization, our business, and our community. we have a tendency to apologize to all or any UN agency that was displeased by Dan’s words, particularly Maria.

Taylor saw disheartening coverage of McNeil’s tweet and claps back at him simply once an hour. She’d simply finished a vital day in her career, however that didn’t stop her from calling out McNeil’s nasty discrimination. After skewering McNeil by remarking however busy she is along with her several hosting and reportage responsibilities at ESPN, Taylor showing wisdom logged off Twitter for the night. Maria’s tweet sparks fire among people waiting for a comeback and justified action to honor her pride.

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