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Bad Bunny Performs Live Concert at NY Traffic During Virtual Concert

Amid COVID-19 everything is boring. Eventually, We all are stuck up at home. Basically, our normal life is totally disturbed. We can’t go to restaurants, sports events, concerts. This is getting seriously hectic now. Moreover, we all need a break from it. We all need a pinch of entertainment. Recently, Bad Bunny did something extraordinary. Reportedly, he was doing a live concert. It was quite unusual.

Bad Bunny concert

Reportedly, Bad Bunny did a live concert. What makes it more interesting, it was up on the bus. This thing breaks the internet. Apparently, he and the Puerto Rican rapper was streaming the epic event on his YouTube channel. Moreover, everyone is streaming their concert inside venues. Surprisingly, Bad Bunny performed it on the streets. Hence, The journey begins on a lit-up moving bus. Reportedly, it started Yankee Stadium and went all through New York City, including collaborator Jennifer Lopez’s native The Bronx!.

Bad Bunny Performs Live Concert at NY Traffic During Virtual Concert

Bad Bunny buzz

Apparently, It was totally amazing to see it. Basically, the moving bus with the singer was lit. At one point, the traffic was stopped. Fans were chasing him. Reportedly, the police were also following the bus. The police made sure the singer is fine. Everyone was happy to see this. Apparently, it was the first time happening. The singer was singing amazingly. Moreover, it was fun.

Reportedly, many other celebrities also joined him virtually. Celebrities like, Balvin, Mora, and Sech joined from their home countries.

Singer says on his concert

Bad Bunny was performing a slew of hits including “Pero Ya No” and “200MPH” off of album YHLQMDLG. He mentions, it was difficult to perform without the crowd.

“I didn’t want to… but I’m accepting the new reality and I hope people enjoy this. We need it,” he told fans”.

Furthermore, he was also aware of people about the upcoming elections. It is necessary to vote and choose the right candidate in the November elections. Surprisingly, the bus stopped at a local hospital. He thanks and respect those people who have sacrificed their lives in the city.
To conclude, it was a great show. Basically, Everyone enjoyed it. Amidst the coronavirus, the thing will change rapidly. Moreover, many ways will come out. Reportedly, many people posted the concert video on Twitter. Hopefully, we will get to see many other concerts like this.